We’ve written and released a WordPress plugin that will always be “really free” and makes it easy to integrate Google’s Universal Analytics on your WordPress blog.

Recently we were looking for a lightweight plugin that just implements the Google Universal Analytics tracking code on a WordPress blog.

We found a couple outdated ones that didn’t work anymore, and the rest were bloated with too many features or advertisements for a commercial version.

We decided that it would be faster to write the perfect plugin rather than continue our search.

We’ve released version 1.0 of Simple Google Analytics by Fierce Geek.


  • Implements Universal Analytics (vs. Classic Analytics) which includes new features such as Cross Domain Tracking, Google Optimize, Audience Demographics, Interests Reporting, and Display and Search Remarketing.
  • Only requires the tracking code from your Google Universal Analytics account to get started
  • Just check a box to add Google’s enhanced link attribution to the tracking code
  • Just check a box to filter admin pages or admin banner pages from being tracked
  • Supports Google’s User-Id by using the fiercegeek_qa_user_id WordPress hook

About the design

  • Smallest and most efficient plugin that I could make while still supporting the latest WordPress plugin standards
  • Uses settings over options
  • Set up for localization, making it easy to add translations through pots
  • Cleans up completely after itself on uninstall


You can download the plugin here.

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